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In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Maine was a stronghold for the temperance movement, but the Pine Tree State emerged from Prohibition to create a beer culture that rivals any other in the United States. Early pioneers, like D.L. Geary, established the Northeast’s love affair with English-style ales, and today’s upstarts brew unique and inventive recipes. Maine brewers create beer for every palate, and Maine’s unique flavors—like blueberries, potatoes and even oysters—are frequently featured. Maine beer expert Josh Christie discovers the story of brewing in Vacationland by exploring Maine’s large breweries, like Shipyard; its local crafters, like Rising Tide; the budding cider, spirits and mead industries; and, of course, the best places to drink across the state.

maine-beer-coverWhile you can certainly order the book through my publisher or at your local independent bookstore, I thought it would be fun to offer it here. Getting it though my site won’t net you a discount, but I will throw in some bonuses to make it worth your while. If you order from Brews and Books, you’ll get …

  • One signed and personalized copy of Maine Beer: Brewing in Vacationland
  • Two Maine beer recommendations based on your tastes - a bottled/canned beer and a draft-only selection
  • An assortment of three Maine brewery coasters and/or stickers
  • My eternal and unwavering affection

All the details are italicized below.

I’d also like to take this chance to thank everyone that’s supported me in this endeavor. From close friends and confidants to casual Twitter buddies, you’ve all kept me sane and motivated while working on Maine Beer. For this endless kindness, I raise my glass to you. Cheers!

the nitty-gritty
Using the “Buy Now” PayPal button below, you can purchase a copy of the book for $23.49 [$19.99 + $3.49 S&H] using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal transfer. Order fulfillment is done through Sherman’s Books and Stationery in Freeport, ME, so you’re supporting an independent author writing about independent breweries via an independent bookstore (viva la indie!). In the personalization field, include who you’d like the book made out to, along with any other special instructions. In the recommendation field, give me a clue as to what Maine beers I should recommend to you. This could be a favorite beer style, favorite beer, or favorite flavors like coffee, citrus, or snozberry. Just give me a jumping off point, and I promise recommendations. Packages are shipped via USPS, and will include the book, recommendations, and a handful of Maine brewery stickers and/or coasters. Books ordered after the release date (May 7, 2013) will be shipped within 3 weekdays.


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